November 19

Communicating Safely Online

As part of the eSmart Digital License I have been doing different quizzes to help me be safe online,texting and agreeing and disagreeing to posts.

this is three things i learnt

.Never click on advertisements that pop up.

.don,t buy things that are online that say there free because there might be a virus.

. Never online speck with any one you do not know.


November 12

Sports day

On the 11/11/15 Wednesday we went allured park in our house color. We did a lot of different sports and witch ever team or teams won out of 1st 2nd or 3rd thy gave points.Yellow team( my team ) lost red team came 3rd green team came 2nd and blue came 1st.IMAG2110 (1)

November 12

City excursion

On Tuesday 20th of October we went to the city. We where going to the city to act like tourist the teachers gave  the kids 10 dollars to by lunch and 2 dollars to buy merchandise. We ate at south gate food court.We got to go to the eureka skydeck and saw all this cool pleases. We went for a scavenger haunt to fined famous land marks my group found 22 land marks.At the end we all ate after we ate we went to the eureka skydeck up on the eureka skydeck we had a challenge to find pleases in alphabetical order. We didn’t go in the glass box.It was so fun i would love to go backIMG_0637