April 22

Literacy circles

Hi everyone,

Today in literacy circles we read a book in groups. The book our group read was An Elephant In The Garden.We had a role. My role was to Summarize the 28 pages we had to read. I think I did really good and my group was really fun and I think I am going to like these for the rest of the 7 weeks.


Do you have a favorite book? and what is it called?

Good-bye.   downloadIMG_3121

April 22

Albert Einstein

Hi everyone,

Today we did a BTN video  in literacy and it was about  Albert Einstein and what his personal information was about and his discovery’s,

here is five facts about Albert Einstein:

1.  He did not like to wear socks.                                                http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4355244.htm

2. He drooped out of school at the age of 15.

3. He moved from Germany to Switzerland.

4.He failed his exam to get in collage.

5. in 1915 he discovered the general theory of relativity.

April 14



Today we did maths in maths we did shapes. We had some shapes and then we had to make shapes out of  shapes.

I got 6 of the 7 squares I had to make, it was so fun and I was so.


What is your favorite shape?


April 12

Inquiry Project

Hi everyone,

The two class over 1 week made a Project. We had to make one on a natural disaster I did a bush fire survival kit.

I think i did really good I put down a lot of information on what a bush fire does. I think I could of done better if I used my time better and got it done in more detail.IMG_2674