May 27

Fun Sport

Hi guys,

On the 27 of the 5th 2016 the grade 5/6’s did sport we played a lot of different games before we played we did a worm up game it was named builders vs bulldozers I was a  builder. What you had to do is if you were a builder you flip the cone up right and a bulldozer would flip the cone upside down, then we played hunter, what you had to do was one person was it and the rest had to run if you got it you would help the person that got you the last person was the winner. We finished with some stretches it was so much fun.


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May 20

Something I’m Working On…

Hi guys,

This is something I’m working on this year. It’ s my spelling it has been really bad and I think that I need to work on the double letter words for example little, really and school.  le words are another example of spelling words I need to work on. I also need to work on my  listening because I talk to much during learning time and i’m not finishing.

Do you have something you need to work on?


May 20

Mad Libs

Hi guys,

On the 20th of the 5th we did a Mad Libs challenge because some of the grade 5 6’s  went to cross country. The challenge was to add words to a story and to add nouns, verbs and etc to a story.You had water in your mouth and you did not want to laugh.

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May 10



In ICT we did iMovie if you don’t no what iMovie is it’s a movie maker. It’s cool how you can make what ever you want in movie and you can make trailers. I made a blooper video it was so funny and me and my friend in my group had so much fun. Today I explored how to make a iMovie.


have you made a movie and whats it?