June 22

Did you see my iMovie, it’s cool right?


HI it’s movie time wait no it’s imovie time wait no it’s my movie time. You now the movie I have been talking about it is here my question was can electricity conduct electricity. Some more information is we made a movie for a question and we have to add sounds, shot angels and music and more it was fun.If you have been looking at my blog you would now the people in my group but if you have not been looking at my blog the people in my group ares James and Conor. But James could not see it at the schools cinemas (sorry it’s closed)but after  you read all of this you can watch my movie.


I enjoyed making the movie and all the fun things and if you watch the video then you will know that it looks fun and it was fun.I’m most proud of the fact that James could not make it but we still did it.One of the challenges was that James was not here for recording so Conor had to be James it was hard but at the end we did get his voice to not sound like him. One of the things I think that  we could have done better was the sound because we could not hear ourselves. One of the things that someone said to me was that the sound so that was bad. So look at my cool movie.  bye




June 17

We are all most done our inquiry #4 (iMovie)

Hi Guys,

Finally we have finished our iMovie’s all of my friends are done and me Conor and finally James has come but we did not have any time to put him in but we did get one picture in of him and he was good with that. today I found out that you can still do something good if some one does not come in time and James did not but we still did something to get him in (picture) and we were lucky he did come so that he did not have to miss out being in our video. I was surprised that James coming today still (not on time) worked out. I’m most proud of finishing my iMovie with all of my team there blog links right here —————————————————–)http://jamestot.global2.vic.edu.au/ http://conorp.global2.vic.edu.au/

June 10

Decorative ceramic tile

Hi guy,

In art the term we did decorative ceramic tile we had to use sharpies to draw and paint diluter. It was so much fun when we drew it but there was some science to it. The sharpies pens contain permanent ink, which will not wash away with water. permanent ink is hydrophobic, meaning it is not soluble in water.However, the molecules of ink are soluble in another solvent called paint dilute.this solvent carries the different colours of ink with it as it spreads in a circular pattern on the ceramic tile.


bye            Keenan outFile_000


June 10

Inquiry part 3

Hi guys,

I’m so HAPPY because I finally finished my filming today (10/6/16) me and conor finished every thing it was the best in my opinion i’m sorry that I can not show you the video, if you are asking why it is because we don’t want to spoil it for everyone. If you want to see last years sleek geek video (2015) click here http://www.abc.net.au/science/sleekgeeks/eureka/ and so far the 2016 one’s are not out yet.


Keenan out!imovie__2013_

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June 7

Inquiry Part 2

Hi guys,

On 7/6/16 we did inquiry it was so fun because we did our filming and I love filming. It was hard without one of our team members because he was in all of the scenes. We ended up doing the parts he was not in. I learnt that you need to have a plan B if plan A does not work. without him it was hard, me and conor were having a hard time and also the room we needed was taken so we had to use a room full of other people, so there was a lot of different sounds and it was hard to film but we did it.


Bye come back for part 3

June 3


Hi viewers,

In inquiry we are doing a iMovie we had to make a script and get information for the script. So far the most challenging part is making a script. But that is just me because it is hard to show the facts and what to say. some thing that I think my team need to work on is not getting distracted. If you want to look at my teams blog link right here the people in may group are James,Conor and me.



Bye see you in the next post.

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