August 26


IMG_9724IMG_0527Hi guys,

Today is book week celebration day everyone comes as there favourite book character. I came as a roman gladiator with a sword it was so fun to see what everyone had dressed up as. We also made some pictures with our face with a book it was really cool when you got it right if you got it wrong it looked like just a person holding a book . We also made some kites for book week my kite had a person and my book name (The Mark Of the Thief).

If you could come as your favourite character who would you come as?


August 3

Immigration museum

Hi guys,

On the 2/08/16 the seniors explored the immigration museum. My favorite part was the ship  it was not a real ship but it was still cool, it made you feel like you were in a real ship in the water. There were also sound effects in the ship of people talking. There were lots of stories about how people moved to Australia and why they moved to Australia. I discovered when i was in the ship that in the 1840’s the beds were so hard. I wonder if they would not sleep for a day because the beds were hard? I wonder why the dictation test was so unfair? In my opinion  i think the dictation test should have been more fair.
By Melissa-Bevan-Mark-Strachan-Photographers---Im-Photo-Shoot-020-web