September 15

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago the seniors started an inquiry project. The topic was based on migration. We had to pick the tasks we wanted to do off a menu. There were three meals you had to do: Entrée, Main and Dessert. For each one there were three tasks, for entrée I picked a venn-diagram. For main I did an open minded portrait and for dessert I did an art piece. I researched refugees for my three meals.


The whole inquiry project was so fun to do. But I had to work through things because not everything went my way, like when I was making my art piece it was hard not to  smudge my work while I was painting.

At the we had to make a slideshow with all our work on it and I thought this a very efficient way of showing this our our blogs. Take a look below at my slideshow.


Have you got any feedback about my work?


Bye guys.

September 14

Clay today

Hi guys,

Last week we started to make clay models. it was super fun and these are the things i learnt!

  • When you roll out the clay make sure to put it between plastic rap so it doesn’t stick to the rolling pin.
  • When you cut the clay cut it with whir for the best results.
  • When you paint on clay you have to make sure it is really dry because it will leak into the clay and make it moist.

Have you made any thing with clay?

bye guy


September 2

Fox is so BAD!

Hi guys,

The seniors have been reading a book could fox by Margret wild and we have been also making a slide based on a character that I do not like. I wonder why the fox made some of the choices he made like braking up dog and magpies friend ship? I discovered that fox is a character that’s life might have been beater before something like a fire. Today I discovered that magpie is not grateful for what she has got because when dog was running she did not like it and then when fox ran she liked it but fox left her in the desert.

If you could pick a character who would you pick Dog,Magpie or Fox (It does not mater if you haven’t read the book)?