September 15

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago the seniors started an inquiry project. The topic was based on migration. We had to pick the tasks we wanted to do off a menu. There were three meals you had to do: Entrée, Main and Dessert. For each one there were three tasks, for entrée I picked a venn-diagram. For main I did an open minded portrait and for dessert I did an art piece. I researched refugees for my three meals.


The whole inquiry project was so fun to do. But I had to work through things because not everything went my way, like when I was making my art piece it was hard not to  smudge my work while I was painting.

At the we had to make a slideshow with all our work on it and I thought this a very efficient way of showing this our our blogs. Take a look below at my slideshow.


Have you got any feedback about my work?


Bye guys.

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  1. emilyc10

    Wow! Keenan I had no idea you could do such a wonderful art piece I relay enjoyed the detail of it I think you should be a artist when you grow up!


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