October 28

Inter school Sports!

Hi guys,

This week we found out our inter school sports teams. The team i’m in is cricket we rained for a bight out-side. something i’m looking forward to is playing a new sport with my friends. Something i’m hoping to learn is bowling and catching. What I think makes a good team is working together and being friends with your team mates.

bye guys. img_0260

October 21


Hi guys,

Today we made a poster about a ecosystem. The ecosystem I was researching was the rainforest it was really cool to find out some stuff about the rainforest that I did not now. Some of the facts that I learnt are:

  1.  The rainforest has been around for 55 million years which makes it the oldest ecosystem.
  2. The rainforest rarely gets above 93o and it is rare that it drops below 68o.
  3. The most poisonous animal in the rain forest is the poison dart frog.

What ecosystem would you do? Leave a comment below.

  1. Rainforest
  2. Australian desert
  3. Icy arctic
  4. African grassland
  5. Mangrove
  6. Limestone caves


October 14


Hi guys,

On monday we went to the zoo. We went there to learn about the sos 10 0r the save our species 10 or the top ten most endangered species. The top ten endangered species is Australian fur seal,Helmeted honeyeaters,gorilla,growling grass frog,philippine crocodile,lord howe island stick insect,lion,asian elephant,tasmanian devil and orangutan. What we had to do is find out things about the animals and what we can do and to help them.
From Keenan