October 4

My Classroom goals #2016

Hi guys,

Its Keenan and i’m back from holidays. Somethings I think that I need to work on is the people I work next to because I talk a lot and if I talk I do not get my work done. Another thing I need to work on is how I sit on a chair.

Bye guys

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4 thoughts on “My Classroom goals #2016

  1. williamg10

    Hi Keenan, it’s Will. Great classroom goals, you’re a good kid and I reackon that you will achieve those goals quickly without a doubt. What’s something you could do to achieve your goals? I suggest that you sit away from most of your friends for a while then when you think you have achieved your goal, you can then join your friends and sit with them.
    Good luck,

  2. namgyal

    Hi Keenan it’s Namgyal here just want to say that best of luck on achieving your goals for this term and hope you post more interesting stuff.

    bye 😉

  3. mya

    Hi Keenan,
    I think that your goals are really good goals to work on because I think there are many different ways of achieving them. Good luck achieving your goals!

  4. Mick

    Hi Keenan Byron here,
    I think you have two really good goals for this term.
    I think I should probably learn to sit down as well.

    -Byron 🙂


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