October 14


Hi guys,

On monday we went to the zoo. We went there to learn about the sos 10 0r the save our species 10 or the top ten most endangered species. The top ten endangered species is Australian fur seal,Helmeted honeyeaters,gorilla,growling grass frog,philippine crocodile,lord howe island stick insect,lion,asian elephant,tasmanian devil and orangutan. What we had to do is find out things about the animals and what we can do and to help them.
From Keenan

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2 thoughts on “FOR THE SOS 10

  1. Thomas

    Hey Keenan, Thomas here. I love how your learning about the SOS 10 it’s just that if you had a choice to pick animal to save which one of them and why. Also Keenan I wonder how you’ll save them yourself, will you donate? Reduce rubbish? Or even more comment so I can know.
    See ya Thomas, Peace Out!


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