November 3


Hi guys,

Today we are writing a religion post about stewardship. To be a steward of the earth you need to love the earth and take care of the earth ways you can do this is by simply putting rubbish in the bin. But a lot of other people are not doing anything and there making it worse, like people that are mining fossil fuels and chopping trees which is not only killing animals but is killing our earth. We also watched a video about how what we are doing to our earth is killing it and lots of species are dying out earlier then there meant to.

If you could make something to stop using something like fossil fuels what would you make?file_000-1

Bye see you next post. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Stewardship

  1. jennyh10

    Hi Keenan,
    I like your layout and how you explained what stewardship means. What stood out to me most was how you drew your picture and I really liked the meaning of your picture and what your caption was.

    bye from Jenny.

  2. riadw

    Hello Keenan,

    Great job of explaining whats stewardship. And having a question and picture. One
    thing is no smiley faces.
    Good job!

  3. Namgyall

    Hi Keenan it’s Namgyal here just want to say that I think that u really did a great post on stewardship and keep up the good work

    Bye. 😉

  4. ellat11

    Hi Keenan,
    I really agree with the values you have decided are part of stewardship. It really seems like you’ve hit the nail on the head!I am really looking forward to your next post!


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