November 17


Hi guys,

Its Keenan and today it’s time for a new book the name of this new book is Onion tears.My favorite character and the most importen character is Nam. Onion tears is a so far a good book, but it is a little bit sad. The reason i think it is sad is because the girl has no friends and she talks to animals. Also her life is really sad her mum left her and her dad got taken away by the army. If i was the little girl i would try to make friends instead of writing letters to animals that will never write back. On thing i could relate to when i was in prep was that i had no friends and i had no intention to make friends.

What is your favorite book and why?

By for now.

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4 thoughts on “NEW BOOK!

  1. gautierv

    Hi Keenan Gautier here, What do you think will happen to Nam? Also I think you need to read over your posts before you post them because there is some spelling mistakes in this post.


  2. bindin

    Hi Keenan,

    I read this post and realized you have some errors in your post, including ‘importen’ which is actually spelled important… And you forgot to leave a space for the start of the second sentence. But also for saying ‘i’ it is supposed to me a capital i as it is referring to you. Add a comma after ‘new book’… But anyways, my favorite book is The Dragonets Prophecy? I don’t know really….
    P.s It’s one thing not on thing
    P.P. sorry for long comment…

  3. meredithm

    Hi Keenan,
    My favorite book well series of books is the series of unfortunate events because the books are full of mystery and loss which is my favorite themes in a book but they have a dull ending which was annoying because I read 13 book just for the end.


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