September 2

Fox is so BAD!

Hi guys,

The seniors have been reading a book could fox by Margret wild and we have been also making a slide based on a character that I do not like. I wonder why the fox made some of the choices he made like braking up dog and magpies friend ship? I discovered that fox is a character that’s life might have been beater before something like a fire. Today I discovered that magpie is not grateful for what she has got because when dog was running she did not like it and then when fox ran she liked it but fox left her in the desert.

If you could pick a character who would you pick Dog,Magpie or Fox (It does not mater if you haven’t read the book)?


July 29

Sleep out is out

Hi Viewers,

Today i am talking about something that i am very sad about. The sleep out that the seniors were going to do is canceled. The sleep out was going to be us the seniors sleeping on the ground with a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag. We were going to raise awareness to the homeless. We did not do it because we did not have the people,the weather and we have sports on that day so we will not get sleep and would be sleepy. We also made some posters to ask people to give us sleeping bags you can give us a sleeping bag by sending it to st margaret mary’s primary school.     



HELP THE HOMELESS!                               File_000

June 17

We are all most done our inquiry #4 (iMovie)

Hi Guys,

Finally we have finished our iMovie’s all of my friends are done and me Conor and finally James has come but we did not have any time to put him in but we did get one picture in of him and he was good with that. today I found out that you can still do something good if some one does not come in time and James did not but we still did something to get him in (picture) and we were lucky he did come so that he did not have to miss out being in our video. I was surprised that James coming today still (not on time) worked out. I’m most proud of finishing my iMovie with all of my team there blog links right here —————————————————–)

June 10

Inquiry part 3

Hi guys,

I’m so HAPPY because I finally finished my filming today (10/6/16) me and conor finished every thing it was the best in my opinion i’m sorry that I can not show you the video, if you are asking why it is because we don’t want to spoil it for everyone. If you want to see last years sleek geek video (2015) click here and so far the 2016 one’s are not out yet.


Keenan out!imovie__2013_

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June 3


Hi viewers,

In inquiry we are doing a iMovie we had to make a script and get information for the script. So far the most challenging part is making a script. But that is just me because it is hard to show the facts and what to say. some thing that I think my team need to work on is not getting distracted. If you want to look at my teams blog link right here the people in may group are James,Conor and me.

Bye see you in the next post.

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April 12

Inquiry Project

Hi everyone,

The two class over 1 week made a Project. We had to make one on a natural disaster I did a bush fire survival kit.

I think i did really good I put down a lot of information on what a bush fire does. I think I could of done better if I used my time better and got it done in more detail.IMG_2674

February 29



In Inquiry our 2 classes grade 5-6  worked in groups of 4 to 5 to find out all the different spheres, they were hydrospheres, biosphere, atmosphere and geosphere. I did the biosphere and this is two facts that I learnt.

  1. bio is the greek word for life.
  2. that without the biosphere we would not be alive.

If you want to learn more look at this video