September 2

Fox is so BAD!

Hi guys,

The seniors have been reading a book could fox by Margret wild and we have been also making a slide based on a character that I do not like. I wonder why the fox made some of the choices he made like braking up dog and magpies friend ship? I discovered that fox is a character that’s life might have been beater before something like a fire. Today I discovered that magpie is not grateful for what she has got because when dog was running she did not like it and then when fox ran she liked it but fox left her in the desert.

If you could pick a character who would you pick Dog,Magpie or Fox (It does not mater if you haven’t read the book)?


July 19

New Literacy circle books

Hi viewers,

Today i’m going to talk about our new literacy circle books. We have all got a new books to read the book that i’m reading is Finders Keepers. So far the book is about how this boy is watching TV and his mum made him change the TV to mickey mouse then he got into a TV show that if he won it he would win 1 million dollars. We also needed to read 20 pages a week and I read all of them already. The book was made by Emily Rodda and at the front it has some writing explaining  A time-travel treasure hunt that’s  out of this world.
BYE!!!         finders-keepers-2